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Frequently Asked Questions
For our talents
What is Digitsonly?
Digitsonly is a private hiring network, which directly recruits for the highest level of eCommerce brands. We take over the team building for brands like Nurecover, Doonails, TheCloudies, etc. When you apply for Digitsonly, you don't just apply for one job, but for our entire network. We personally match you with the job and the company that would suit you the best. The benefit you receive working with us, is that you receive multiple job offers, a high-end training and a dedicated support manager.
How does the application process work?
You apply on our website, where you provide all relevant information with us, such as your situation, your expectations, proof of your skills and provide contact to past clients, etc. Once applied, you receive a confirmation email in your inbox.
What’s after the application?
Once you’ve been added to our waiting list, our team will review your application and get back to you over email. During this process, we look if we can find similarities between what you’re currently looking for, and what our clients are looking for - once we find a match of a job opportunity, we’ll get back to you and update you.
How am I going to get introduced to companies?
We’ve noticed, that hiring is always the same principle: You share your CV, you answer a couple of questions, and share your salary expectations with the client. We solve that entire hassle for you, as we create a applicant briefing of you, which summarizes your background, your skills, your expectations and ultimately what you’re looking for. Once we found the right company for you, this briefing will be shared together with the client, and they will reach out over email or via text to schedule a call with you.
What is the advantage of working with Digitsonly?
The benefit you get from working with Digitsonly, is that you get a dedicated company, which entire goal it is to connect you with well-paying and high-quality jobs and offers.Right now the average way of finding jobs for most candidates is: Scrolling through endless job posts, applying for each job and competing with if not hundreds of other applicants, just to end up with the same low-paying projects again which leave you unsatisfied.With Digitsonly, we take the entire work off of your plate which consists of reaching out, competing and negotiating with the hiring companies. And once you landed a job, we support you continiously with trainings, workshops, templates and everything could think of to keep you, and the company that hired you happy.
Is Digitsonly free?
We don't charge any fee or subscription as of right now to our platform. Only once you land a project or get hired, we charge a 10% monthly commission to the earnings you make with us. This commission is obviously limited to only the projects you receive over Digitsonly, and only endure for as long as you work with the client. If you’re becoming employed, this 10% fee is limited to 3 months only.
Are the salary budgets already set or negotiable?
We see it as our duty to offer clients and our talents a fair and transparent pricing. For our talents, we’re always trying to get the maximum out, and offer them above market rates. Depending on your agreement with the client, this always can be negotiated after.
Can I refer talents / jobseekers to Digitsonly or even hire myself?
Yes, we are always happy to get introduced to people that are in your network. When you saw a job where you think this person would be a great fit, please share the link with them, and make them mention that they're referred by you when they apply. On top of that we pay up to 400€ for successful referrals. If you're working with a company that is looking to hire a freelancer or employee, and you would like to partner up, please share the link where they can get in contact with us. Also, when your referral gets closed, you'll receive up to 500€ for a referral. If you'd look to hire a freelancer, employee, or just need help for one off projects, just reach out to us and we'll discuss the details with your personally.
How will I get paid, and how do legalities work?
You will be directly paid by the client and sign the related contracts with them. Regarding raises, negotiations or other related billing topics, please directly discuss that with the client.
How does my data get processed?
We process your data confidentially and use them for only two reasons: To inform you about new personalized job posts & to share your applications with the hiring companies you've applied for, that's it. If desired, you can get your data deleted at any time.
What companies do you have in your network?
We only hire for companies that have been verified and vetted by us, so you don’t need to worry about payments, contracts or data privacy. On top of that, these companies sign contracts & NDAs so you can ensure that everything stays confidential. We work with eCom brands, agencies & SaaS companies.
Where can I reach out if I have any problems?
Every talent in Digitsonly, has a dedicated full time customer support manager. Whenever you have any issues, need advice, or a second opinon feel free to reach out over Slack. You should have received a Slack community link once you got approved.
How many jobs and projects can I take on?
There is no limit on how many deals as you can get - as long as you keep the satisfaction with the clients high at all times.
Where can I get access to the trainings, subscriptions & assets?
Please reach out over DM, as the access is confidential